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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Mattress

We spend almost a third of our life asleep, and the quality of our sleep affects our quality of life. We offer a large range of mattresses here at MKelly Interiors so, when choosing your perfect mattress, take the time to do your research.

Make sure you select one that suits your needs and preferences because it's an investment in your health and well-being. Here are some things for you to consider: Size, firmness and support, the top layer materials and additional features you might be looking for when choosing a mattress. 




Remember that the sizes listed here are what we have available for you to purchase at MKelly Interiors and that some may differ in size from other manufacturers. To make sure you choose the right size, it's always a good idea to measure your room and the area where you plan to put the bed before making a purchase to ensure that you choose the right size for you. 






A mattress' firmness can vary depending on the individual. Some people favour soft mattresses, while others favour those that are firmer. This depends on whether you’re in search of more for comfort, or spinal support.  Each level of firmness has particular benefits and drawbacks of its own.

It's important to remember that personal preferences, sleeping position, and weight can all affect which firmness level is best for you.  

Firmness can range between: 





Soft Medium Soft Medium Firm      Firm                  Extra Firm 


Soft mattresses:  



  • Soft firmness can offer better pressure relief for people's pain or discomfort.
  • They may adapt to your body more naturally, enhancing spinal alignment.
  • Ideal for side sleepers or sleepers who are lighter in build 



  • They might not offer sufficient support for people who require extra spinal support.
  • Not ideal for those who sleep on their stomachs because they can make their spines arch unnaturally, which can hurt their backs.
  • Not ideal for a heavier body, this could cause sagging or dipping over time. 


Medium Firmness 


  • For those who like to change positions while they sleep, medium firmness is a great option because they offer sufficient support and comfort. 
  • They can help people with mild to moderate back pain realign their spines. 
  • For those who sleep on their backs, medium firmness can provide better pressure relief because they can evenly distribute the user's weight. 



  • Medium firmness might not be the best option for those who require more support or have severe back pain, 
  • for people who sleep on their sides and have sensitive pressure points, they might not offer enough pressure relief. 
  • Finding the ideal firmness for medium firmness can be more difficult because it varies from brand to brand. 


Check out the Respa Calypso a traditional mattress with medium support. 



Firm/Extra Firm Mattresses 



  • gives everyone who needs it plenty of support, especially back and stomach sleepers 
  • encourages proper spinal alignment 
  • It is a good option for couples as it helps motion isolation (feeling your partner move in their sleep) 


  • may be painful or uncomfortable for some sleepers if it is too firm. 
  • the cushioning might not be sufficient for those who sleep on their sides  
  • possibly won't fit the body well, creating uncomfortable pressure points 







The Makeup of Your Mattress 


A good mattress should give your body enough support to ensure that your spine is properly aligned. This may lessen back discomfort and improve the quality of your sleep. 




A traditional top layer is made up of fabric and padding. It is intended to offer both support and comfort while you sleep. These mattresses are found in homes and hotels and have long been the most popular kind of mattress. The springs system is intended to provide your spinal support and even bounce. The padding on top of the springs, which can be made of foam, cotton, or wool, is meant to make the mattress more comfortable. Check out the Respa Calypso a traditional mattress with medium support. 



Memory Foam 


Memory foam is a top layer of memory foam placed over the base of support foam or springs.  It is a material that is made to mould to the shape and temperature of your body for the best possible support for your body. this mattress will isolate motion and absorb movement. The mattress will conform to your body shape over time and give you personalised support. 





A gel mattress is a great alternative if you like the way you sink into a memory foam mattress but find that you sleep too hot. The gel layer is used to control temperature because it absorbs heat from your body while you sleep. Gel mattresses have a support layer on the bottom and a comfort layer on top made of gel foam. This technology works similarly to memory foam in that it reduces motion transfer while supporting pressure points on your body.   


Pocket Spring  


The pocket spring system is only one comfort layer such as memory foam and natural fillings overall spring construction. This will have an effect on the feel of your mattress. A higher number of pocket springs will provide your body with increased support. The Respa Pocket 1200 offers a unique Respaform Pocket Spring System ensured to give you support and comfort. 



Additional Features to Consider  


Edge-to-Edge Support  


Your mattress can offer you even more support with the feature of edge-to-edge support. The firmness of the edges of your mattress can minimise sleep disturbances from the movement of your partner, improving your comfort and the quality of your sleep.


Mattress Height 


Depending on the type, and how it is made, mattress height can change. It can typically measure anywhere between 14 and 20 inches deep. A platform bed or low-profile bed frame may work well with a thinner mattress, whereas a traditional bed frame with a higher headboard and footboard may work better with a thicker mattress. Additionally, while some people prefer a thinner mattress for a firmer feel, others may prefer it thicker for added comfort or support. Always remember to consider the thickness of your mattress when you go to buy the fresh sheets for your brand-new mattress. 





When should I buy a new mattress? 



There are several indicators to consider:


  • Sagging or lumps in your mattress indicate that the support system is failing and that it's time for a replacement. 
  • Poor sleep can be telling you about it's time for a new mattress. If you wake up with pains or don't feel rested, it may be because your mattress is no longer supporting you properly. 
  • Allergies can result as a result of a build-up of dust mites and other allergens can build up over time in mattresses, which can have an impact on your health overall and the quality of your sleep. 
  • Visible deterioration on your mattress indicates it should probably be replaced if it is torn, ripped, or stained. 
  • Ask yourself, what is the age of my mattress? Depending on the quality and level of care given to them, mattresses typically last 7 to 10 years. It is important that you invest in a high-quality mattress that can withstand frequent use and last up to 10 years or more. 
  • If you're experiencing any of these signs, explore our extensive collection of mattresses and bed sets online and in-store, from the most cutting-edge manufacturers in the world, including Respa and Faith & Ethan, and you can be sure to enjoy a blissful night of sleep.